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Tout à propos de Emrys Griffin

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27 ans
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North Bay (#36 w/ Reid & Jensen & Ava)
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i got your back

They always say family doesn't end with blood. Our is different. We end with blood, but we also share a heart, our pain, and no matter that we're not really brothers, even if you're my cousin, we always acted like brothers and we always will

It's in our DNA

Brotherhood doesn't mean the same for me than for you, but i'll try to get better for you, because we're most alike. In some way, i'll always love you, and i'll always hate you.

"i love you" is so hard to say

I once forgot what is love and how high it can take you. I remembered only because of you. You are stuck in my mind but I can't say it. And that's 'cause I forgot how to tell it.
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blueberry hills
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josh h.
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Kara Braxton
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Emrys Griffin
Emrys Griffin
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